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Turkey Day Workout

Tomorrow I am attempting my first Thanksgiving. The whole shebang—turkey, sweet potato soufflé, corn casserole and couple of other shall we say courses. Needless to say I am prepared to work all that off (or as much as possible) in the days before and after. Only issue is that my entire family is going to be here, family I haven’t seen since September. How on earth can I get in exercise AND hang with the family? Thankfully I have two awesome things on the menu…

Gold’s Gym is allowing families to work out together FREE November 24-27. Told my mom, she is pumped and I am having a hard time choosing which class to go to.

Being that we live in the DC-metro area and have people coming to visit, this means touring, which means WALKING.

So that’s my Turkey Day game plan. What’s on your plate….

Ok those puns were lame.


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