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Fear and the Young Professional

Fear can be dangerous; it can turn into a mindset in which things aren’t questioned and unthinking obedience is normal.

This isn’t the type of fear created by a downsizing. This is the type of fear that keeps you from speaking up in the brainstorm or going to your boss with a new idea.

Sure fear can drive you to success. It can make you read that memo four times before you pass it off to your supervisor helping you to perfect it.

As a young professional you have to learn to balance this fear with your instincts and ability.

With age and more experienced fear becomes less and less a factor in your professional life.

Clients can be nasty if we make a mistake, bosses can pile on the pressure. But becoming fearful about that stops you doing your best work as you become afraid to break out of your comfort zone. And in PR, the comfort zone is your enemy.

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