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Check-ins Get Healthy

Foursquare is stepping up their health game with two new partnerships. Both of which I am super excited about. RunKeeper

About a week and a half in to my Foursquare usage I earned the Gym Rat badge.

Since then, I have been itching for something new (I even contemplated asking for a Super Gym Rat) and something that wasn’t necessarily tied to me being at the gym.

Thank you RunKeeper partnership! Since I am not actually training for any race in particular right now, these badges will help keep me motivated. It will be interesting to see how long it takes before I seriously go after that marathon badge.

CNN Healthy Eater

Studies have shown that economics play a HUGE role in what you choose to eat. That $1 menu from McDonalds is tempting when you are running low on cash (not for me, but for other people).

On Sunday, September 26, CNN will launch a week-long series dedicated to healthy eating called, “Eatocracy: Mind, Body and Wallet”. They already have a fancy blog set up.

Foursquare comes in by offering people a “Healthy Eater” badge when they check-in at their local farmer’s market. Too bad this gets launched on Sunday and my farmer’s market is not held on Sunday.

Do you plan on jumping on Foursquare’s healthy kick?

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