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More Sweat, Better Athlete?

I’m gonna get gross for a second. I sweat a lot. I remember once in college I was working out with one of my roommate in our living room (Jillian Michaels DVDs, best. ever.), when our other roommate noticed I was sweating a lot. I thought how can this be that I am sweating more than her? I work out every day. I am healthy. How can I be this out of shape?

I read a Daily News article that said (whoopie) “as you become more trained, you become more efficient in cooling your body through sweating.”

The Australian Institute of Sport, one of the world's foremost authorities in sports science, studied more than 30 sports and found that the rate of sweat loss increases with the intensity of exercise.

So I guess my excessive sweat means I am actually in really good shape. However, disgusting it is.

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