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Gym Rat Confessions

I've been a frequent gym-goer for oh I don't know 10 years now. I've worked routines in depending on the gym location I will be at that day and the time of day I will work out. I've become obsessed and disenchanted with certain classes (looking at you my once a week trampoline class in NYC) and had specific seats/standing spots in those classes (don't we all). Suffice to say, I have a few confessions to make:

    1. I really dislike the people that will walk into spin class sans towel. I just want to look at that person and yell "Are you joking?" I have two towels, one to drape over my handles and one to pat myself during class. So when a dude (yes, I am about to get really specific here) continues to attend class without a towel I get kind of annoyed. Especially when said dude continues to sit next to you, when you have your designated seat and literally fling his sweat at you. Plus he smells. So what do I do? I complain. Yeah I did it. I couldn't help it. I love my front row seat.
    2. I enjoy being decked out in adorable gym clothes and lifting insane weight. Today, I was in the meat locker (as LAQ and I so affectionately call it) in head to toe shin Lululemon and the majority of it was pink. Then I began squatting 95lbs and I felt like such a bad ass. I did all without grunting or slamming the barbell down too.

      Lots of pink

      Then I add shoes like these


    3. While I was doing this insane lower body workout I was listening to Selena Gomez and Gwen Stefani, because who doesn't listen to poppy girl music when they are sweating profusely (I had my towel, AND I wiped down the machines and mat I used). Also, Kelly Clarkson Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) and M.I.A. Bad Girls are my go-to jump rope songs. Do you have any guilty pleasure workout songs? 


    4. Sometimes I phone it in. There are days when I probably really shouldn't be at the gym at all, or at least doing something less intense. Like last Saturdays spin class. My legs just couldn't handle their usual limit. So I turned the resistance down and just kept my heart rate up. It was fine, but I get embarrassed because I feel like everyone around me can tell.

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