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Being OK With Imperfection

I thought the theme of being comfortable with imperfection was the perfect way to recap the 2013 Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. At the beginning of the week I just really didn't think this race was a good idea. Work kept me so busy the last two weeks that sleeping was more a priority than training. Between travel and prep for a big client announcement I just had my doubts about racing on Sunday.

Of course, I don't back down from commitments so I set my alarm to an early 5:20AM and prepped for the race.

First of all it was cold. Like needed an additional layer cold and I was in a long sleeve shirt and a jacket. I planned for a 45 degree start but that wind really brought the temp down. Second I was dead tired. I probably could have shut my eyes on the train ride in and slept to the end of line and back.

There were some blossoms out, but not enough for me to get excited. And Haines Point continues to be the bitch that everyone says it is. Seriously, no matter when you run that route it sucks.

Have I mentioned how much I adore DC race spectators? They are honestly the most energetic group of people I've ever seen cheering on complete strangers. The creative signs like "you can't quit now, you aren't the pope" and "ketchup, you just passed mustard" while dressed as said condiments, are just adorable.

It wasn't my best run, it wasn't my worst...it was just ok. And I'm just happy I ran it. Now, to avoid disappointment in June I will actually be diligent about my training so that I can PR in Annapolis.



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