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Weekend Warrior: Mind Prep for the Week

To put it in spinning terms...I've been on a slow steep climb up a massive mountain at work. There is a specific project that has been a year in the making and we are about to hit the peak and begin the incredibly speedy ride down. My days have been long, and my weeks even longer. It is the payoff at the end of all of this that makes me love my job so much, but the days leading up to that payoff are torture. These past two weeks in particular have been difficult.

Difficult because I can feel my anxiety building and I know that it often manifests itself in the form of frustration. So I try to keep myself in check (lots of yogi breaths), which is exhausting.

I wouldn't call myself a "weekend warrior" because I work out during the week, but it is on the weekends that I double time it...especially when I am trying to clear my head and prepare for the next week.

I do not own this shirt, but I want this shirt

I kicked off my doubles on Friday with a workout with my trainer in the AM. Lots of heavy lifting and a bit of punching. Honestly, that really helped me get through my day. Punching bags are an amazing stress reliever. Then in the afternoon I did an easy yoga flow.

Saturday I met a friend for a spin class at Gold's Ballston. I had never taken a class with this instructor and the music was perfectly suited for working through some residual frustration. After the class we had a little bitch session that made me feel 100x better and put a lot of stuff into perspective. Then since it was absolutely gorgeous the hubby and I went for a really long relaxing walk through Georgetown (we walked way up Wisconsin to get away from the crowds to make it relaxing).

Cherry Blossoms against a blue sky make everything peaceful

And finally today, I went back to Down Dog...which has to be my new favorite way of clearing my head. It wasn't until I went into savasana that I started thinking about all the crap that I had to do today. That being said when I got home (showered) and sat down at my desk to work I was able to power through with a clear head.

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