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Mommy’s Day Off

it’s a rare day that Dylan has school and I find myself with a day off from work. So when I found out that the stars aligned on the last Friday of the year I immediately texted Mary Beth excited to finally have our “mommy day off.”

Our excitement level was unparalleled. We knew what was wanted to do: a workout, the beach and lunch. Somehow all of these thins managed to happen and it was glorious.


After I dropped Dylan at school I headed to meet Mary Beth at Activ8, a megareformer class we’ve been dying to try. We went to a “core and more” Lagree class that was 45 Minutes long. It started with an 11 Minutes plank series in the megareformer. I was dripping in sweat by the time that was over. Then we moved to the floor for more core work and then back to the reformer for hip dips and inner thighs. When we came down to stretch I thought it was a break and not the end of class. So on the one hand the class moved very quickly, on the other hand it could do to be longer. 


After class we headed to Delray Beach and walked along A1A because the weather was beyond perfect. Despite the fact that I see Mary Beth at least once a week it was so nice to just walk and talk without having her destroy my abs in Pilates.

We ended with lunch at the Banana Boat. On our walk Mary Beth had talked up their coconut shrimp salad and it did not disappoint. I’m going to be dreaming of that salad for days.


It was the perfect day and so needed for a refresh after these long weekends with family.

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