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Weekly Meal Plan: A Reheat Kind of Week

Weekly Meal Plan: A Reheat Kind of Week

I don't know how my brain told me this week was going to be a hard week, or if my prophecy made it so. Either way I was really happy with our decision to basically premake everything on our menu this past week since we had super late nights, a sick Dylan, and several rushed meals.  

 Sunday: Pesto Shrimp and Chickpea Salad  

I've started calling ahead to get my fresh shrimp cleaned and deveined, which makes any shrimp dish so much easier. Checked off my salad for the week.  



Monday: Chipolte Salmon and Mango Avocado Salsa  

peeling and cutting mangoes can be annoying so if you don't have the patience let me recommend buying frozen mangoes and letting them defrost.  



Tuesday: Baked Chicken with Spinach and Artichokes  

Spinach and artichokes is seriously a favorite combination for me. This is super easy to make and throw in the oven.  


Not my photo  

Not my photo  

Wednesday: Beef Skillet, Greek Style  

The combination was sort of questionable when I first read about it. Then we tried it and I was hooked. we added in a Mediterranean feta and it was perfection. 


Not my photo

Not my photo

Thursday: Balsamic Pork with Bacon Green Beans  

Literally threw the pork in the crockpot and walked away on a very busy day. The green beans and bacon were fantastic. I would make those over and over again. We used turkey bacon and it still rocked.  



Friday: Leftover pork quesadillas and green beans 

Josh is a whiz at making leftovers fun so we had quesadillas and those yummy green beans.  

Saturday: Dinner out with friends  

Yummy Yummy in Dylan's Tummy

Yummy Yummy in Dylan's Tummy

Weekly Meal Plan: All About the Leftovers