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Weekly Meal Plan: Cutting down on carbs

Weekly Meal Plan: Cutting down on carbs

I noticed recently that we were heavy on the carbs -- toast at breakfast (we eat Dave's Killer Bread, which is low calories and amazing) and sometimes pasta for dinner. So I wanted to cut back a bit this week to start easing back into my usual low carb days. also given that Wednesday was Yom Kippur bagels were absolutely on the horizon. 

Sunday: Parmesan crusted tilapia with brocolli  

fact: we don't usually use mayo so our mayo wasn't good. We just replaced that with some plain Greek yogurt. Still tasty.  


Monday: lasagna stuffed portobello mushrooms  

Meatless Monday! Josh was really proud of how this one turned out. I mean it was just a veggierific meal with cheese baked to perfection.  

Tuesday: slow cooker Greek-style green beans and chicken   

I've been obsessed with these green beans from a local Greek restaurant. So when I came across this recipe I was really excited. This was a perfect crockpot meal -- basically a dump and walk away.  

Wednesday: Yom Kippu Break Fast 

your standard menu -- tuna, white fish, deli, bagels  

Thursday: Tangy Meatballs  

I feel like meatballs are underrated sometimes. You don't need to eat them with pasta for it to be amazingly good. This sauce really made this dish and all I had to do was mix it in the crockpot and let it simmer. (Meatballs were made in advance) 



Friday: steak and veggies  

I had really been craving turnips, maybe it was all the Fall pictures my friends up north had been posting (because it certainly isn't Fall in Florida).  


Saturday: out  

we had our cheat meal and that hamburger and French fries from BurgerFi was worth it.  

P90X3 Block Two: Sore All Over

P90X3 Block Two: Sore All Over

Workout Clothes Obsession

Workout Clothes Obsession