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A Trip to the Caribbean Without the Travel

At least once a month, Josh and I go to the Caribbean....sort of. We have a favorite restaurant that can essentially transport you to the Caribbean the second you step in -- Bamboo Fire Cafe. It's owned by a husband and wife team, and family supports them. The moment we walked into the restaurant for the first time, I wanted to be a regular. There was such a welcoming feeling, and luckily the food is legitimately top notch. We've had nearly everything on the menu at this point, and taken as many people as we possibly can to eat here.

Everything has such wonderful flavor, and the value is unbelievable. With every meal, you get meatballs, a salad of mango, cucumber, tomatoes, and when you order a main entree you get rice and sweet plantains. IMG_4101 IMG_4102 IMG_4099 IMG_4098

We typically start with these amazing chickpeas. They are sauteed and have flavor that you can't really describe...but I think there is cumin, pepper, salt & pepper. IMG_4097

I've had the oxtail before, which just falls off the bone. They always ask us if we want it spicy "American-style" or "truly spicy." I've had it truly spicy before, and it is honestly mouth on fire.

The last time we were there, I had the seabass in a banana leaf. It was so flaky and just cooked perfectly. IMG_4100

I hesitate to tell more people about this place, because I don't like not having our table...but if you are ever in Delray Beach on from Wednesday through Saturday...I will consider taking you there.

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