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Getting Back Into a Florida Routine

Now that we are officially unpacked, we are able to get back into our routines. I never realized what a creature of habit I was until it was physically impossible for me to keep my habits. Even when I am traveling a lot for work, I have a routine...which is easy to do since I stay at the same hotel every time I am in NYC. I've strangely been able to sleep better. Part of me thinks its the ceiling fans...I had no idea I missed ceiling fans until we moved into our new place.

Something else I didn't realize how much I missed? The beach. Part of our routine is going on a weekend run together. This past Saturday we laced up to explore our new neighborhood. Luckily, we are only 2 miles away from the beach. And the second we ran over the little bridge...and I saw the water and the breeze hit my face...I remembered what it was like growing up in Florida. All those days spent on the beach with friends. Surfing before school...

When you get to run by this; you can't really complain


I am looking forward to many more training runs on the beach. So far getting back into running is going well. As well as can be when you go from running in 40 degree weather to 76 degree weather at 7AM. It is going to be a long road to get into marathon shape in this heat and humidity, but I am definitely going to need to motivation of a training group. I am considering Team In Training to keep me on track.



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