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March in Review

Had a really busy March, which included a lot of travel, milestones and changes. So let's start from the top! Weekend in AZ: Where I learned hiking is not for the weak

A few of my favorite colleagues and I had the opportunity to attend Kurt Warner's Ultimate Fan Experience at the beginning of the month. I will fully admit to completely geeking out while I mingled with Kurt, Drew Bledsoe, Larry Fitzgerald, Christian Palmer, Philip Rivers, and others. Almost every single one of those football players were incredibly friendly. I had one real mission, which was to get a Chargers hat signed for my sister...thankfully Philip was willing and I could continue my reign as "most awesome of awesome big sisters" without much trouble.

Best sister award goes to me

On our last day, Lindsey, Suzy and I got up early to hike a nearby trail. Lindsey had done the trail with her family back in November, or so she said. Turns out we were on the "hard" side. So that was awesome. At one point we were scaling a wall more so than hiking.  We took a few moments at the top to throw up some yoga poses because that is what you do at the top of mountains and then headed back down. I could absolutely see myself taking up hiking if I ever lived in a place where that was readily accessible.

AZ was a great "work" break

My bestie gets engaged

The following weekend, I was back in freezing cold temperatures as my best friend ran the NYC Half Marathon. Her boyfriend (now fiance) planned a proposal at the finish line and asked us all to be there as part of the surprise...which continued into a surprise engagement party. We have traditions to uphold and each one of us has had the opportunity to celebrate our engagements with each other almost immediately. It is nice having those "major milestone moment" friends.

Standard "OMG she's engaged" picture

I am convinced to run NYC Marathon 

While in NYC, surrounded by my biffles the peer pressure to actually sign up for the marathon reached an all time high. After discussing with the hubby, I finally took the plunge and signed up for the race. I am in training prep mode right now, which means I am building up my miles so that this summer I don't injure myself. Amazingly, now that I am running three times a week again, I can't imagine what I was so anxious about. Oh mind barriers.

The move is almost done 

We said good-bye to D.C. on Monday, and cashed in our one way tickets to Florida. This was of course after one last snow storm (seriously Winter??). I am currently enjoying working remotely outside(!!!!), running in shorts, and wearing flip flops (hello, pretty toes!). We move into the new place on Friday, and honestly can't wait to just be settled already.


Getting Back Into a Florida Routine

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