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Revolve Cross Cycle Challenge

Hello friends, it's been awhile. The last few weeks have been pretty busy...I always think August is going to be slow this year it was anything but. However, since I basically shut down if I don't exercise I did make time to attend Revolve's Cross Cycle Challenge. I was jealous of all the people who got to do the boot camp/cycle workout, so was really happy that they were doing another one. This time it was a cycle/yoga workout. According to Revolve they started these combo workouts to help their riders take better care of their bodies.

“When it comes to our bodies, I like to say you have to ‘shock it to rock it’.  Athletes need to change their routine to change their bodies; move in all planes of motion, challenge speed, agility, strength and flexibility...keep the body guessing.  Obviously at Revolve we believe strongly in all the rides we offer (Real, RIP, Body and Barre) but we also look to educate our riders about the importance of cross-training when looking to achieve their peak physique.  When one participates in only one form of training, in this case cycling, the body eventually plateaus.  With the addition of Cross-Cycle, I firmly believe that Revolve looks to help our riders achieve all their fitness goals.”  --  Kira Stokes, one of our Master Instructors at Revolve NYC

Honestly I don't know many people who would be excited about an almost 2 hour workout on a Sunday night, but lucky for me Revolve has some devoted fans and I didn't feel as crazy as I might have.

Sweaty faces and photo courtesy of Revolve

We kicked off with a Body Ride 45 minute spin class led by Angel. If you haven't taken a class lead by Angel, you haven't truly experienced spinning at Revolve (or possibly spinning at all). She wasn't rated DC's best instructor for nothing and her instructing skills were on full display. Fantastic music, incredibly motivating counts...you can't ask for more. Her classes fill up quickly, but you should really check her out.

After class we headed to Tranquil Space for a hip opening focused practice. Prior to spinning my legs were already crying for some yoga, so I was very excited for this. I have a love/hate relationship with Tranquil Space. Mostly because it is so close and yet I never go enough.

See how desperately I needed a good stretch? I am even "pre-yogaing"

Considering how exhausted my legs have been lately, this class lead by Maggie was exactly what I needed. Plus, I was completely relaxed and almost rejuvenated for the busy week that was ahead.


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