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I Need This App More Than Anything

By now we all know that I am traveling at least two weeks out of every month. Sometimes it is a quick overnight trip, sometimes it is for three days at a time. Bottom line: I travel and need to fit in my workouts. So I bring DVDs and get fit kits from my hotel and utilize the gym probably more than most. The hotel gym is fine. It gets the job done, but sometimes I want to do more than my simple routines. Insert FitUsIn an app from Australia that is about to go global.

The app enables people to book gym visits on short notice, without an ongoing contract and no meeting with a gym rep.  There is even potential for it to include trainers down the road.

It is intriguing and I can't wait for them to enter the NYC market, since that is where I travel to most of the time.  The story of how it got started is also pretty interesting.

You find nearby gyms that have agreed to work with the app

You choose from a range of short term options such as class passes, week or month passes. And you can book it through the app.

Then you just head on over to the gym and work out.

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