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Sweaty is Pretty

*This post is sponsored by Under Armour through FitFluential* Last year when Under Armour Women launched their "What's Beautiful" campaign I immediately jumped at the chance to sign up. I started knocking off challenges, even taping myself after seriously sweaty work out sessions. Laney C

Now I am back on the What's Beautiful horse in partnership with Fitfluential.  What I love most about this competition/community is seeing all the bad ass things other women around the country are doing. There are challenges I can't even DREAM of completing and others are blowing them out of the water.

Under Armour states, “This is for women who want to push past where they have been before. To put a goal out to the world and go after it in a big way. But we're also opening up our site to teams of women who want to complete goals together.”

With the weather creeping into the 80s, it is time for me to pick up the pace a bit. You know shorts and tanks are calling my name and this is the swift kick in the butt I need. The best part is that your goals can be ANYTHING. Want to run a fast 5K? Do it. Just want to make it to the gym three days a week? Write it up. The encouragement you will receive is going to keep you going. UA_WB3_Poster

That encouragement can come in the form of teams, as this go round gives you the opportunity to join together. I haven't figured out if I am going to make my own team, or just join others, but you should seriously check it out.

Join up here: http://bit.ly/ffiwill

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