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Can't Resist: Spring Runs, Chobani and More

I can't resist running in this weather. I am literally exhausted with tight quads and an aching back and the mid-60 weather and clear blue skies call to me. 949277_10103484883237871_936440778_o

I am still getting used to running in my Kinvara 4 from Saucony and because the weather was super perfect I ran a bit longer in them than I had before.  My first run this week had me out for almost six miles and I swear I was running faster than I have in years, despite the tightness in my legs.

These shoes are miracle workers. Even today when I went out for my four miler that I was only doing because it was too pretty to be inside, I was cruising.

This week also marked the first time I tasted Chobani's new key lime flip. I don't know how I survived without these delightful little snacks for so long. (Side Note: Even though I have been a yogurt eater for a long time I never knew that those types of yogurt containers were made so that you can flip the topping...stop I know.) Key lime is my ultimate summer flavor, and these glorious little 170 calorie fun pack is going to help me keep my summer sweet tooth in check.

mmm key lime, white chocolate and graham cracker (can't resist)

I am a fruit lover. And lately I have been craving fruit in my salads. It can be pretty much anything, but mostly I have been dropping apples in there. The combination of apples and chicken has become my absolute favorite, but now that strawberries and blueberries are on sale I am buying them in spades to add to salads.

Some of my favorite spring salads are:

  • Shrimp, green apple, avocado with lemon juice (easiest thing you'll ever make)
  • Berry Delicious Summer Salad (blueberries & walnuts, amazing)
  • Watermelon, feta and basil with lemon juice
  • Strawberries, walnuts, goat cheese and spinach (balsamic vinegar)

Watermelon and feta = amazing combo

Basically lemon and balsamic vinegar become staples in my house during the spring and summer.

Finally, our current go-to treat comes courtesy of Skinny Cow. It is their limited edition ice cream sandwich in Snickerdoodle flavor. If you haven't had them, run now to your grocery store.  I don't feel guilty indulging in these at all since they are only 140 calories. We are talking low-fat cinnamon ice cream between two oatmeal cookies. You can't go wrong.



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