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Down Doggin It

Sundays are my favorite days to have "me days." There is usually some pampering, but my absolute favorite thing is exercising for multiple hours. I know that sounds strange, but I've gotten really good at shutting off when I am working out. I focus on the moment and whatever ridiculous thing I am doing, so it completely relaxes me. Sunday was a perfect day for this, a complete detox before another busy week.

I headed for a long run with Kristin, which absolutely sucked. I was just sucking wind instead of finding my groove. The big event though was heading to Down Dog Yoga. It was my first time at the studio and my first heated practice in probably two years.


My first impression is that the studio is a bit crammed. You basically walk into a long hallway with limited maneuver space. I thought this was a strategy to make sure there was enough room in the actual room, but I was wrong. The room while expansive, is packed to the brim with yogis.

During the practice I touched the girl to the left of me more than once, and felt like my feet were in the face of the girl next to me all the time. All that aside, I absolutely loved this class taught by Rachel. She was encouraging, but fierce in pushing us to extend ourselves just a bit more. One of the reasons I love heated yoga is because I like feeling like the toxins are leaving my body, and leaving they were.

My "HOLY HELL" moment? Was definitely the back-to-back-to-back (with a few more backs) wheelbarrows that were held for 10 breathes each. Rachel actually made me snicker while I was silently cursing her, with her "you know what, let's do that again." Did I mention this was after we had been practicing for a hour already? No? Well, now picture that.

I felt really good afterwards and my love for heated yoga rekindled. I bought the new student unlimited month so I will be going back for sure.

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