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Lululemon Pants Rant

The disaster that is Lululemon's sheer black yoga pants has been all over the interwebs this week.  Business publications discussed their likely earnings hits...with quippy sentences like "it will hurt their bottom line" (oh you business reporters and your snarkiness). I didn't  care so much because my black yoga pants from Lulu were purchased months ago, and are not subject to the recall. 00120065-0000-0000-0000-000000000000_469b5687-f4ab-4992-a2ac-46c322b7a161_20130319133432_Lululemon_031913_RF_300 Then the articles about how employees (and the CEO) are asking customers to try on the pants and bend over to see if they are in fact sheer happened. And the PR person in me shot up and cringed. Still all I wanted to do was help them out, because wow. (That is an entire different story, poor choice of words CEO!)

I guess I have become so loyal to Lululemon (I write as I wear Wunder Unders, Power Y tank and Daily Yoga Jacket), but what got me heated was a Washington Post article about this being a "fashion wakeup call about yoga pants." Now, I am supposed to feel bad because I have chosen to replace my jeans with yoga pants? I don't think so.

Jeans are my enemy. My muscular legs don't look nice in them, so on the weekend when I am out and about I am in my yoga pants. I feel better in them. End of story. I am sure the Pixie Pant from J. Crew IS the perfect legging, but if I decide to go for an impromptu walk or yoga class I have to change.

I guess I am a little different since I work from home, but I resent the claim that I am an exhibitionist because I choose to wear them regularly. (BTW that label as an exhibitionist came from the actual reporter, NOT the comments) What is the difference between my Wunder Unders and a pair of skinny jeans? 130319093039-lululemon-yoga-pants-620xa

There is a time and place for your yoga pants. Of course I would never wear them to the office unless it was after hours. I would never wear them out to dinner when it is date night/girls night/whatever night.  Honestly, though you can't tell me you would prefer jeans over yoga pants for your errand running.


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