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A TRX Date

Work has been picking up progressively, which means my workouts have become sporadic. If I don't plan my workouts in advance I don't have time to just jump over to the gym for a spin class. Basically it just isn't going to happen. Being uber busy also means that I am more likely to workout at home rather than the gym because it saves me 15 minutes of driving time and I am more likely to work in a lunch workout than not.

So the other day as I was flipping through my big book of workouts (no really I created a binder filled with routines from magazines and my trainers) I landed on my TRX workouts. I was doing these regularly when I lived in NYC and was training for our wedding. photo

I loved these total body workouts more than anything else I have ever done. It also doesn't hurt that I was 15 lbs lighter from these workouts and I'd like to get there again. So I decided to whip out the TRX workout.

I took my TRX to our apartment gym and commandeered the pull up bar. In all it took me just about a hour to get through the entire routine and I ended up in fat burn almost as long as fitness, which was a HUGE deal for me.


I am going to be working some of my older routines back in over the next few months and start walking 15min daily to see if I can drop those 15lbs.

It's Nutrition Month!

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