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How to workout "around" the resolutioners

I applaud all of the resolutioners out there for making a commitment to getting healthy this year. I hate that they take my spin bike and treadmill and only do it until March (if they are truly in the work out spirit).treadmill Q1 (as we call it in business terms) is my most stressful time of year, which means I tend to workout heavily to keep myself sane. So when I show up to my normally scheduled sweat session and find all the treadmills taken I get a little cranky. I used to wait in the line, stretching..rocking back and forth until one became available, but then I realized I know things these newbies don't.

Such as how to use the rowing machine to get a great cardio workout (seriously intervals on these puppies are amazing). I am also not afraid of the weight area. So I pick a corner, layout all the items I need and go from there. I typically keep a jump rope in my bag for days like that.

Knowing how to use the "less popular" machines gives you a leg up on the crowds. Any other tips?

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