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My Handstand Problem

So we know that a goal of mine is to get better at balance poses. We also know that it has only been a few weeks since I decided to dedicate myself to these goals, but I am impatient. starting the process

I've been using my Tara Stiles This Is Yoga: Yoga Pose Library to help me get into the poses. She takes you through steps that basically help you build up into the pose. Placing your hands in the right place, rolling your hips up, slowly picking one leg up and then the other. You get the point.

I can't seem to do it though. I was watching the way the uber flexible Tara moved and I noticed that when she shifts her legs up, they are literally in line with her hips. Is that even possible? I guess. I am wondering if my big issue with these isn't in the arm strength, but the fact that I have really tight hips. Any thoughts?

I am hoping that one of the studios near me has an inversion workshop soon. That might be my best opportunity to get hands on training.

Oh also, my obsession Biggest Loser started this week. I absolutely love this show.  I get really into Biggest Loser, sometimes I wish that it was on earlier so that I could watch it while I'm working out because I get pumped watching these workouts.  I can't really explain why, other than I just love watching these people beast it out and realize that they have it in them (after puking and what not). This season should be interesting with them taking on the childhood obesity issue. I am looking forward to how they actually tackle this in practical terms.

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