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DVD Review: Canyon Ranch Yoga For Strength & Energy

I've been searching for a good yoga DVD for my FIL. He has a pinched nerve and can't do to much arching, but wants to get into the yoga groove. I've had a hard time finding one that he wouldn't have to cut out a lot of the flow. I think Canyon Ranch: Yoga for Strength & Energy from Acacia comes pretty close. The DVD has two 20ish-minute yoga flows, a cool down (11 min) and a bonus stretch (11 min). Overall the flows are good for an easy day, there isn't much in terms of heart pumping.

Energy Stretch: 22 minĀ 

I've never done the dancing seaweed, and honestly it wasn't my favorite pose. This flow had a lot of movement. Swinging around. I am not sure I completely understood the purpose, it didn't feel like it was opening me up or anything like that. That being said, it was a slow enough flow with very little strenuous poses, that made me think this might be a good option.

Energetic Yoga: 24 minĀ 

This had a lot more of the strength poses, including warrior 1 and 2, and dancer. There was no work on your back and no balance poses. I thought it was really interesting when they pulled out eagle arms in warrior 2. I felt like this was a good step up for some older beginner yogis who could handle holding lunges a bit longer.

What was confusing for me was there was no savasana at the end of either flows. It just stopped. Until....

Cool Down: 11 min

This was the only savasana. It was nice, but I don't know that I loved all the sayings the instructor was handing out.

Bonus Stretch: 11 min

This was a seated flow. Mostly arm movements, with a bit of twists. They did one move where you thread your fingers between your toes and lean forward. I hated it...but I hate touching feet.

So this is a possibility for him. Any other recommendations?

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