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Back in the Saddle

Since the marathon I have been struggling with staying interested in working out. I don't know if it is because I am no longer as close to Gold's and Revolve as I used to be or if I am just burnt out, regardless I am starting to see the results of my less than stellar commitment. I certainly haven't been running as much as I was, instead focusing on barre and yoga. While this is all good and well I know my body needs weight training and serious cardio. So a few weeks ago Leslie Ann messaged me about the deal Gold's was having this month. If you had done PT before and weren't now, you could get new member rates. Say what? You can't turn that kind of thing down.

Yesterday was my triumphant return to PT. I am such a fitness loser that I woke up excited and couldn't wait to get to the gym. We did super-sets of weights and cardio and it was a good reintroduction to training. It was also the kick in the butt I needed to get me going again.

So here's to my reinvigorated love of exercise!


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