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New Study: Fittest Reap Few Health Benefits

This morning I woke to find this Wall Street Journal article in my my Twitter feed. The "heart" of the research?

"Running too fast, too far and for too many years may speed one's progress toward the finish line of life."

Essentially, the British journal Heart published study is saying that if you ran a lot in life (more than 20 to 25 miles a week) you lose the mortality advantage you once gained from being active.  Dr. Paul Thompson, an elite marathoner and nationally renowned sports cardiologist at Hartford Hospital, said that the people advancing the data may be manipulating it.

He isn't the only skeptic. The comments are littered with runners noting how long they have been running and how fit they are.

We know that running and over-exercising can cause wear and tear on your body. Exercise is ONE part of your total healthy living. There are a ton of other factors at play.

What are your thoughts on studies like these?

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