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Falling Back Screws My Workouts

This time of year completely messes with my workout will power. It is absolutely freezing in the morning making me want to stay in my nice comfy warm bed. Then there is the fact that by 4:00 p.m. the sun is setting and all I want to do is hibernate on my couch. I don't mind working out in the cold, it just requires a lot more diligence and planning. It shouldn't come as much of a shocker that I am all about the defined work out plan and for a few months now I have been contemplating taking one of the Physique 57 challenges. So this month I am doing it.  Eight days into it and I am actually sticking with it pretty well. I have had to switch a few days just based on timing (and traveling, running around with my ball and weights isn't really easy), but mostly I am sticking to it.

Maybe next week I will try to get to an actual class and REALLY experience it rather than doing it with my DVD. The challenge is below.



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