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Don't Tell Anyone But I Think I'm Going To Do It Again

The soreness has subsided (a bit) and I even went for an itty bitty run this week. Literally, it was maybe 3/4 of a mile. And since I am no longer in pain the little voices in the back of my head are starting to whisper "do it again." Ask my parents what I said as we walked up the hill toward home right after the race. My dad who kept saying one won't be enough smirked as I winced and said "never, I did it, I don't need to do it again."

Of course that was before I started thinking about what I did wrong. Why I didn't hit 4:30. What I could do to shave off those 20 odd minutes. It isn't that I am completely disappointed in my time, I mean I still finished in under 5 for my first one...I just know I have it in me to do better.

I already hold a spot for next year's NYCM and I am thinking about using it. I still have a few months to decide (April I believe), but right now the idea is enticing.

How did you shave off time from your first marathon? They get easier right? What are some tips for analyzing and changing your marathon training plan?

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