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Workout Out Review: Edge Yoga

I finally took the plunge on Friday and tested out a yoga studio near me--Edge Yoga. I haven't been to a proper (I say proper, meaning it isn't a class at Gold's) yoga class since moving to D.C. and I really needed it. I marched myself over to Mark's Yoga I class expecting a nice easy Friday afternoon flow. I was wrong, dead wrong. I would say the class is taught in a more Power Yoga style. There were absolutely varying levels of yogis in the room, but this was a serious group. Handstands and all. Mark moved pretty quickly through the flows and I quickly worked up a sweat. Every time I hit down dog I chastened myself for not bringing my towel, that's how sweaty I was.

Mark was really attentive and help get me into the binds and keep my balance in some of the more challenging poses. I asked for hip openers and I am pretty sure he quickly ascertained why. I couldn't for the life of me get into Bird of Paradise on my right side.

Would I try more classes? Yes. Would I bring my towel? Absolutely. Is this the studio for me? Not sure.

Marathon Training: 18! (or as my dad thought YAY TEAM)