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Marathon Training: 18! (or as my dad thought YAY TEAM)

By all accounts this was not an awesome training week for me. Every single run was sluggish, cut short, and just dreadful. That includes my simple 4 miler from yesterday. Needless to say, I was not looking forward to my run with Kristen this morning. Eighteen felt like a foreign number that stirred my stomach into this incredibly uneasy feeling. More than once I thought about canceling. I didn't want to submit Kristen to my poor running abilities, but I sucked it up.

Today's run was really something to behold. In addition to running a completely new route, we also got to experience the Nation's  Tri.


The route took us up the Capital Crescent Trail to the Palisades (someone please tell me who lives in those gorgeous/enormous homes), through Tenleytown, down past Adam's Morgan, The Capitol, and the Tidal basin ending back in Georgetown. We got to see the bike and foot race, causing both of us to say "nuh uh, no way we will EVER do that."

We kept a good pace throughout the run today finishing at 3:06:12, which isn't too bad considering the first leg was pretty much uphill (like the race). I was really happy that we finished and that I ran much better than the rest of the week.

Of course right now I feel like death and not even my nice bath seemed to help.

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