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It's H-O-T, HOT!

Whatever part of my brain thought it was a good idea to train for my first marathon in the dead of summer is regretting it right about now (and training hasn't even really started). It is hot outside, like hard to breath hot. Getting my runs in mean they either need to happen on the treadmill (yuck), early in the AM or late at night. None of these are appealing, but they have to happen.

Other behaviors:

      • Most Used App On My Phone? I've become obsessed with checking the weather.  My run of the day is planned based on when that humidity level and temp are optimal. Even if it means 8pm (thanks for still being light outside!).
      • Running Away from the sun. I used to thrive on being super duper tan in the summer. Now, I run away from the sun, as in crossing the street to be in the shade so it isn't as hot.
      • Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head I hate running in the rain, that always damp feeling never leaves me...that is when it is cold outside. Seriously, it looked like rain the other day and I went for a run, hoping to be rained on.
      • Shorties I'm typically a crop pants runner, but have invested a lot of time and research into finding the perfect shorts for summer running. Still contemplating those tiny little biker looking shorts if I get really desperate.
      • Water Accessories Like my shorts, I've been researching every type of potential water apparatus. Right now I am using the little hand held strap, taking recommendations on belts now!

Any other things I should do?


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