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Exercise ADD

The other day while I was working out with my trainer, I mentioned my newest addiction to Physique 57. After a few minutes of hearing me gush about it, she said "you have exercise ADD." I laughed saying "I just like to have options." Later I realized she was absolutely 100% correct. If you open my DVD drawer you will find evidence of this sickness...everything from Carmen Electra's Fit to Strip series to the Firm. I even did the whole Billy Blanks Bootcamp movement for a time.

That doesn't even count the hours I've spent spinning, running, cardio kickboxing, practicing yoga. I think swimming and Zumba are the only things I have never tried.

I went through a kettlebell phase, a TRX phase, an interval workout based on Katherine McPhee phase, and more.

And then when these things either don't fit into the schedule a few weeks in a row or they get too expensive i.e.; paying extra to go to the fancy spin studios, I move on to the next thing.

I know that variety is good, but I wonder am I giving myself too many options?

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