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The Two-a-Days Debate

There's been a lot of chatter about the type-A exerciser who is packing in multiple workouts and spending butt loads to do it. There was a point in my high school athletic career where two-a-days were the norm. I had morning weight training sessions, followed by team practice in the afternoon. In college I just logged two-hour gym sessions with cardio and weights together. And then the real world happened and now I am lucky if I get to work out at all.

When the weight creep started coming on full force I instituted a stricter schedule. Since I was in NYC and I was able to join a gym with multiple locations, I used to select different classes that I could easily commute to. Sometimes it was a kickboxing class other times urban rebounding (the one with the trampolines) and that would include some sort of workout at home through my trusty DVDs. Truth, I couldn't keep it up. It just wasn't possible. I was EXHAUSTED.

My two-a-days were regulated to weekends. I would hit a spin class and then go to a yoga class at the same place right after. Since I started that, my two-a-days have always included yoga. I do a hard workout and then have the second be my recovery. Especially on race days.

Recently though, I read an article by my new favorite local health reporter Melissa Romero about the RIGHT way to do two-a-days. She interviewed Allyn Blind, a personal trainer, who said the healthiest way to do them is splitting up cardio and weight training, NOT marathon gym days.

So what is your take on two-a-days? Are they in your arsenal?



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