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Exercise=More Excited and Enthusiastic Laney

The last two weeks have been one of those weeks where I am too stressed to function at life. Here's an image for that...I am pretty sure the only thing that got me to change my clothing was the fact that I had to go into the office. It was an effort picking out clothes (more so than usual). This type of week also means that my workouts typically are the first thing to go in favor of sleep, especially on the weekends. Then I saw the recent study from Penn State University, which found active people were more enthusiastic and excited! (The use of exclamation is a demonstration of my enthusiasm brought on from being active.)

The study also found that the positive feelings were especially evident on the same day they exercised. So, when I had to work the weekend I decided that I wasn't giving up my workout--particularly because my new favorite obsession, Revolve, had a special Spring Break Boot Camp that was calling my name.

One of the reasons I love Revolve is because they jump right in to the workout. They don't waste time and you are immediately feeling the burn during your warm-up.

The partnership between Christianne and Grant was pretty rocking. Since they both have music backgrounds their selections are spot on when it comes to the transitions, speed work and climbs.  This ride had the total body aspect, which I find seriously awesome because it forces me to concentrate even harder. Keeping your legs moving while doing bicep curls is a lot harder than it sounds.  Did I mention that the 2 lb weights had my arms burning?

By the end of the ride, my legs were crying and I was dripping in sweat (though I didn't win the wet T-shirt contest). When I got home I easily plowed through my work and was able to enjoy a relaxing Sunday evening.


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