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Losing My Running Skirt Virginity

We have a winner, and that winner is CARMEN!!! Using random.org Carmen was selected to receive a running skirt to test out.  Here's a confession for you. In the height of NYC and DC summers  I am a frequent visitor of the baby product aisle, purchasing Desitin like a baby who can't get rid of a diaper rash. When the temperatures hit high 90s with a humidity of nearly 100% I do not leave the house without some sort of chafe proofing mechanism.

So while everyone I know has tried running skirts I stayed far far away. I hardly run in shorts with their breezy little openings, I am a year-round crop or full pant runner.

That is I was a crop or full pant runner. After commenting on FitChickintheCity's blog, Pam from EllaSport contacted me and asked if I wanted to test their run skirt. I adore EllaSport. Their tights are probably some of the most comfortable running pants I own, so yes I thought if I am going to try any skirt it should be this one.

Of course, it is 40 degrees or less in DC right now so even if I am using the 25 degree rule, I am NOT running outside in a skirt. On my trip to San Diego though, I broke out the skirt.

I was prepared for the skirt to be a little long on me, but I actually really loved the length. The compression shorts attached were really comfortable too. In my first few strides the shorts started riding up a little bit and I had to stop to pull them down. It happened again, but I just chalked it up to them needing to be in the right place.

I literally LOVED running in this skirt--to the point where I am now thinking in investing in a few others. I will want to test these out when it gets a little warmer, but right now 60 degree weather and the skirt are my new favorite system.

Have you ever tried a skirt? Are you afraid to try one? Guess what, here is your chance to win one! Enter by Friday, March 9 at midnight.

In the comments section (each one counts as an entry):

  1. Tell me what led you to try a running skirt, or if you haven't tell me what is keeping you from doing it
  2. Make sure you follow me on Twitter @lanes0220
  3. Follow @ellasport
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(FTC Disclosure: I received the Ellasport skirt for free, but no other compensation. The review and opinion is my own.)

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