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Exercise and Brain Strength

I recently had the pleasure of taking the red eye from San Diego. It was awful and by the time I got back to my apartment (2 hours later than expected) I was running through my work day in a fog. Knowing that I had many hours of work ahead of me, I did something that comes with the privilege of working from home, I did a wee bit of exercise. Just the 20 minutes of sweat gave me enough brain power to push through the few additional hours I had left.  Like muscles, many parts of the brain get a robust physiological workout during exercise.

Scans have shown that metabolic activity in many parts of the brain surges during workouts, but it was unknown whether those active brain cells were actually adapting and changing. Well a  new study found that exercise may actually allow you to become more resistant to fatigue and sharpen your thinking.

So if you feel yourself drooping, try to get 30 minutes of exercise in and you may be able to fight through.

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