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Kitchen Tools for a Healthy Lifestyle

Studies have shown that portion control may be the single most effective thing you can do to promote lasting weight loss. Unfortunately, people don't really know what the right portions are. Sure there are specific images like a baseball that can represent the right amount of pasta or a hockey puck for the 1/2 of bagel you should be eating. That however, isn't the easiest thing to remember or visualize of course unless you keep them in your kitchen, which doesn't sound right. An easier way is to look into special kitchen tools that take the guesswork and visualization out of the process. While at ADA this past weekend, I was introduced to Healthy Steps. Healthy Steps products are designed to help you prepare properly portioned foods at home and gives you the tools necessary to enjoy the foods you currently eat in a more healthy manner.

They have everything from a pasta basket that measures, cooks and strains to the coolest tool I saw a lid that goes on dressings that you squeeze and measures out the exact amount you should be having. Now, I haven't actually tried them, but I certainly want to, at least the ice cream scoop (you know my issues with sweets there). More information at www.myhealthysteps.com

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