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Managing Accounts as a Defensive Specialist

I've been a little MIA lately, between work exploding and wedding finalization I was just a wee-bit overwhelmed. During that time, I got a pep talk from a supervisor who I have to say has an uncanny ability to pick the right words and truly light a fire under you.  The pep talk got me thinking... It’s a lot more noticeable now that I am remote when I get frustrated and down trodden my voice pretty much tells you.  I stick my head in the sand and just let it all wash over me. My supervisor hypothesized that this reaction was completely different from what I most likely used to do back when I was participating in team sports.

He was completely right. I didn't hang my head in shame or defeat, I got back on the court and did what I needed to do to win.  What is it about mile-long to-do lists and ever changing client demands that sucks the fighting spirit out of me?

In truth my position on the volleyball court (I was a libero and defensive specialist) was not much different than my current position on my accounts. I was the person most likely to receive serves from the other team and the one responsible for setting up each play. Anticipating where the spike would land, and being there so the ball didn't hit the floor. 

For me, hearing that analogy made something click. Yes, a lot of what happens on the accounts starts with me and my anticipation, but it isn't all up to me. I make the initial pass and backup the rest of the team. The regroups and reviews aren't opportunities to poke holes, they are finding weak spots so the ball doesn't drop.

I actually hung up the phone not thinking someone was blowing smoke up my butt, but giving me the permission to push myself back up to where I need to be to win. It’s the first time in a while that I feel like I can actually look at and react to the situation differently.

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