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Smoothies, My Favorite Summer Meal

Smoothies are by far one of my favorite items to eat in the summer. I can have one for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack all depending on the size really.  I don't own a blender yet (ehem registry gift idea), which makes Jamba Juice my smoothies place of choice. Unfortunately, since moving to Clarendon I have been smoothieless. That is until last week when @LAQ1013 alerted me to South Block Co. opening and its giving away of free smoothies.

Last Friday it was 115 degrees in DC, so a free smoothie at 3:00 p.m. sounded like a pretty solid plan. I braved the heat for my block and a half walk (it was bad, there was a breeze, but it was a warm breeze and wasn't so much bringing relief as it was smacking you in the face). I got the Mango Mania smoothie. It was a little icey, but I think that's because they made them in bulk and by the time I stepped back outside, I just really enjoyed the coolness.

South Block doesn't add any sugar, which makes me like them even more.

They also have these amazing sounding burritos that can be made with a black bean veggie burger. I will absolutely be going back to taste those for sure. (I mean they gave me a $2 off coupon, so why not?)



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