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Yoga Teachings that Apply to Work

I started taking yoga regularly about four years ago. Not only did I actually start sleeping better, but I started applying some of what I learned to my working life. Every day is different and is its own day—One of the things that the yoga instructors like to say is that no two days on the mat are the same. Very true. One day I can get into a full pigeon, the next (especially after a long run) I can hardly get into it. It’s taught me to be less self-critical, more patient and to pay attention to what’s working.

Improvement comes incrementally, then suddenly—For me the crow is one of the most difficult poses. The first time I propped myself up I couldn’t believe it. Now I can hold myself up for three full breaths.  Sometimes progress is hard to observe even if it’s being made. If you give up too soon, you forgo the opportunity for sudden breakthroughs.

Breathing can focus you—We always start class with deep breaths and finish with deep breaths. It helps you focus and it’s great. When things get very stressful for me, I take a second to breathe in and breathe out.  It helps.

Any other yogis out there apply their yoga practice to work?


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