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Gracefully Accepting Feedback

We’re all a little sensitive when it comes to receiving feedback, especially when it is not all positive. Some experience feedback as pure criticism, and don’t want to hear it. Others see it as emotionally crushing. Still others only want to hear praise. For me, the problem isn’t that I don’t think I should get feedback or that everything I do is perfect, it is the way I receive it. My facial expressions and the tone of my voice can in some ways rub people the wrong way.

So as I continue to try to work on it, I started realizing that just because I tell someone how I like to receive feedback a certain way, that doesn’t mean the person giving the feedback doesn’t like to engage in a certain way too.

Where one person may want me to listen without comment and wait for them to be finished before asking questions another may want me to have a conversation throughout. Ask the questions there and then. Of course, this depends on what I am getting feedback on too.

Tips for getting or even receiving feedback? Leave em below.


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