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Lululemon Clarendon: Sprint, Squat, Savasana

My secret to meeting people is exercise. So one of the first things I did when I got to Clarendon was run over to Lululemon. Not only do they have a weekly run club, but this group has events like the one I went to this past Sunday. The layout of the event was this. Meet at the store to run a quick mile over to a local park. There we were asked to split into groups of two or three to join a larger group to do 25 minutes of CrossFit. After that we cooled down with 25 minutes of yoga.

I had a minor freak out in the morning when I couldn’t find my shorts. Thank god the store is literally downstairs. I ran in got a new pair of shorts and mingled with the crew and the other participants that came a little early.

The weather was absolutely perfect. The sun was shining and there was a cool breeze that really made it not so sweltering out.

The run was probably the easiest mile I have done in a while and since I am still learning the streets around here it was good to see a new route.

The CrossFit was RIDICULOUS. After they broke us into the larger groups we ran through six stations. The first was a sled pull of about 76 lbs up and down a small hill. The second was a sandbag lift. It sounds easier than it is I SWEAR. That was followed by burpees and sprinting and then medicine ball crunches. More work with the medicine ball followed that included overhead lunges and squats with a throw.

Now I love yoga. I completely understand its benefits, but according to one of the gals at Lululemon people who typically do CrossFit don’t do yoga. So part of this event was to get more Crossfitters to do yoga.

What was supposed to be a relaxing cool down, was at first another serious workout. My legs were shaking and my arms were going to give out if I did one more chaturanga. It was interesting to do yoga with sneakers on and I am not quite sure I was doing the poses correctly.

Overall, I really liked the event and I met a few nice people. Plus, I have a new found love for Crossfit!

*Pictures are courtesy of Lululemon, because I couldn’t figure out how to run with a water bottle, towel and camera.


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