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Prana Power Yoga

Prana was my first real introduction to hot yoga. I walked in an experienced yogi, scoffing at the girl behind the desk when she asked if I wanted a towel. A towel? No I am good. Then I walked into the studio. OMG I wanted a towel. I started sweating immediately. (TMI?)

So after that first class I came more prepared.

My favorite class to go to is on Friday night. There is something about unwinding after a long week with a good sweat that I just really enjoy. What I like best about the instructors at Prana is that they really do walk you through the flow. They aren’t afraid to touch you and are perfectly comfortable making sure that you are in the pose appropriately even though you are sweating bullets.

Friday night also happens to be Prana 2 Music. The  music is amazing and usually takes my mind off of how hot it is.

Recommendation: Try several of the classes they offer, because they are all really great.


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