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You Don't Have to Wear Pants!

I am at the moment a mixture of nerves and excitement. My fiancé recently received a job offer in D.C. A really good one, for a good firm that is going to give him a lot of great learning opportunities. That pretty much means I have to go with him. (happily, I swear I am going happily) Being anxious to get out into the workforce he wants to start in mid-June, which means we are moving soon. We are also getting married soon. So, I was in sort of a conundrum. New city, new life, new job? That is a lot of new.

Luckily, I work for a very generous company that has figured out a way to work beyond geographical boundaries. So instead of having an entirely new job I just get a new working lifestyle.

I will be joining the ranks of telecommuters.  A few of those comrades have already bestowed some wisdom:

  1. Have a separate room for your office, with a door (says my dad and uncle) to shut work out at the end of the day
  2. Get dressed, no PJs although slippers are acceptable (says an SVP)
  3. Set boundaries and don’t let friends/family interrupt you during working hours

What are some of the other tips you have for me as I begin my new journey as a telecommuter?Anything in particular that will make the transition easier?


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