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Glee Gets Message Right...Eventually

On first blush, Glee really upset me during “Born This Way.” The message was great, be comfortable with who you are, love yourself warts and all. Then however, Lauren found out that Quinn was in the not so distant past overweight, pimply and unhappy. Lauren tried to use it to her advantage and confronted Quinn. Here is the thing though, Quinn didn’t take the easy way out AT ALL. She WORKED for her new life. She took up ballet and other fitness activities to lose weight. So she got a nose job…big deal (maybe that’s the Jew in me, thanks for pointing that out Glee).

The kicker and I was all ready to write a scathing post about Glee is that (oops) Lauren’s plan backfired and the masses saw Quinn as the inspiration that she was. Ok, maybe she could be a little more forgiving and nicer to those less fortunate than her now, but isn’t she the nicest of the popular girls?

I really hope those kids who are sad and unhappy with their weight take a page from Quinn’s book and take an opportunity to reinvent themselves. It is totally 100% acceptable to do so; that is one of the best parts about being young.

It will not be easy and you will certainly want to quit. But, no one will look down on you for doing it.

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