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Bikram Yoga Grand Central

I am a HUGE fan of yoga. It has helped me get through some tough training seasons and most of all actually taught me how to relax. One of my favorite types of yoga though is hot yoga. So when a Dealist special came out for the newly opened Bikram Yoga Grand Central, I jumped at the chance.

I went to my first class the other day (11:00 AM on Sunday) and found the space to be AMAZING and the people there incredibly warm and friendly. They have a great sun deck that would be an ideal space to have a quick bite when the weather actually allows it.

The yoga studio has this super comfortable covering. I don't even know what to call it, but it isn't hardwood floor and is springy. The temperature is just right and I started sweating from just being in there.

I wasn't so enthused with our instructor. I had such high hopes when she went around and wrote down all of our names so she would know who we are. However, as the class got started she pretty much stayed put at the front and barked orders at us. I like an instructor who is calm and helps you adjust.

The positions were great and I felt good after the workout. I have a month unlimited so I will be trying a new instructor this week.

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