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Sports Bras: The bane of any woman athletes existence

Finding a sports bra that has the right support and doesn’t cause chaffing is difficult. Sometimes I think the perfect sports bra doesn’t even really exist. But like it or not, sports bras are a necessity. Every woman knows that breasts can impede or affect running form. However, some scientists decided they would test this “theory.”

Researchers from the University of Portsmouth in England and some other schools conducted a study by attaching reflective markers to the breasts of a group of female runners. The runners jogged around a track some with bras others with nothing at all.

When the runners were braless, their strides changed; they landed more heavily, with more of the impact force moving through the inside of their feet. All of this related to significant more breast movement.

And that breast movement? It’s actually in a figure-8 pattern—a pattern that most sports bras don’t accommodate.

Personally, I lean toward the compression sports bras, supportive but not necessarily comfortable all the time.  I look forward to the day when we can get both.

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