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Tasty Tuesday 10/12

Eleven foods nutritionists buy for themselves.

  1. Oatmeal: Filled with fiber it can keep you full til lunch and also help lower cholesterol. Best thing, you can make it your own buy adding nuts, fruit and even cottage cheese.
  2. Fruits and veggies: A no brainer here a healthy diet isn’t complete without fruits and veggies, especially those filled with Vitamin C (Swiss chard, kale, mangoes, berries and tomatoes).
  3. Beans: A great source of protein, folate and have the most fiber of any food source. Bonus—there are so many different types that you can make one bean dish a week and not have the same thing!
  4. Avocado: I love avocado. It makes everything better. Recently I just brought an avocado for lunch, cut it open and stuffed it with tuna. YUMMY
  5. Salmon: The fish you should eat once a week? Salmon. Low in calories, high in protein and omega-3 fat. It is kinda like a triple threat.
  6. Nuts: I have a very good friend who is nuts for nuts. Of course, she eats the salted-flavored nuts…but those of us that eat the non-salted ones know they are a really good source of healthy fat and fiber.
  7. Eggs: Every time you rank the best proteins eggs are number 2. Don’t be scared of the yolk either. That’s where the protein, carotenoids for the eyes and choline for the brain resides.
  8. Tomato sauce: Staple you always need. You can make sauces, soups, stews or marinades (I lost the alliteration there)
  9. Cottage Cheese: Not everyone’s favorite, but it sure is mine. I like to add almonds to it or put it in a sweet potato with some pineapple and raisins.
  10. Cayenne: Spicy foods make you heat up, which takes energy (cough, cough calories) to produce. See where I am going with this?
  11. Hummus: There are just so many different kinds! I use it instead of mayo for my tuna.

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