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More Sweat Time, Doesn’t Equal More Snooze Time

I have always been a poor sleeper. Blame it on what I call my stress genetics but at three, I was sitting in my bed crying about how I had to do my homework before I could go the bed. It wasn’t until college that I even started to like nap time. Even then it wasn’t so much as napping as getting a full night’s sleep in the middle of the afternoon.

I always thought exercising more could be the answer. I mean studies have shown that some of the more common causes of insomnia (depression, stress and anxiety) can all be reduced by exercising.

But, a recent study published in Medicine & Science In Sports & Exercise says it may not be so true. Looking at a bunch of Swiss college students researchers found:

  • More than 16 percent of the students who rated themselves low on the fitness scale actually exercised the most and reported sleeping less
  • Those with high fitness levels and high fitness scales, slept better and were less likely to ruminate about unresolved problems

As a representative of Type Aers I have to say duh.  If you give a Type A something to keep track of like that, they are going to immediately think they can do it better. And they are going to stay up at night or wake up earlier than necessary to make sure they get those extra cardio minutes in.

So exercise may reduce stress, but if you hype yourself up again after the effects may be sufficiently lost.

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