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A Month Out - What Do I Need to Know?

I am just about a month away from my first half-marathon. The training has been going great and I am getting more and more excited as the weeks wind down. Last week our coach made it very clear it was time to get serious. We had to figure out in the next two weeks how we were going to fuel and hydrate ourselves. Up until then I hadn’t really thought about it.

So I of course asked around and decided to try Clif Shot Bloks (cran-razz and mountain berry flavors). Tomorrow when I set out for my 11 miles I will be testing them out.

If you have any other suggestions send them my way.

But honestly, my biggest concern is my hair. Since forever when a hairstylist asks how short I have responded with – “I need to be able to pull it back in a ponytail.” But recently I cut it slightly too short for one pony and have resorted to the double with a head band.

Unfortunately even the double pony isn’t holding up. So I am looking for some suggestions for a good elastic grip. I read recently on Endurance Isn’t Only Physical about Goody Stay Put but was hoping someone out there in the universe could give me another opinion.

What else do I need to prepare for?

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