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Obesity – Threat Level Orange

The latest national security threat, the growing obesity epidemic. As of 2005, at least 9 million young adults — 27 percent of all Americans ages 17 to 24 — were too overweight to serve in the military, according to the Army’s analysis of national data. And since then, these high numbers have remained largely unchanged.

Last month, a group of retired military leaders announced a new battle. Mission: Readiness, Military Leaders for Kids. The group is advocating improving the nation’s unhealthy school lunches which contributes to the childhood obesity epidemic.

This along with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution should be enough of a wakeup call right?

But changing school lunches isn’t the only thing that is going to slow the obesity rate.

Thankfully, Michelle Obama knows this and her campaign “Let’s Move” is also focusing on the education aspect.

Eating larger portions is one of the harder habits to break. I think everyone whether you have kids or not could benefit from re-learning portion control and other healthy eating habits.

And did you know that today’s portions are actually growing? The NHLBI put together this Portion Distortion Quiz to illustrate the difference.

I know it may seem elementary but as I started watching what I eat more closely the “Serving Size” card actually helped me make better decisions.

Today just take a second to look at what is on your plate and you may realize you are eating WAY more than necessary.

For more information on Let's Move visit letsmove.gov.

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